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Known as Benjamin Britten imitated its sonority by organ in his church parable <Curlew River>, Sho is a very small mouth organ made by combinations of reed-attached bamboo pipes.
The timbrel character of this is just like harmonica or the highest register of normal (European) organ.
It is a wind instrument that unusually has special functional character that sound can be produced by both blowing breath and dragging breath.
Its register is:

But note that fast passage is almost impossible because of its unusual setting of fingering seen as follow.

Traditionally, Sho is the instrument that always provides chordal texture, and there are combinations of basic chord depending on its scale.
Below are traditional chord combination depending on the scale (Each whole note indicates the root.)

Of course almost every chord construction which consists of 2 notes to 6 notes is possible apart from traditional way, but there are some impossible fingering combinations because a finger is assigned to more than 2 pitches.
Following is the impossible note combinations.

Some reference can be found in the pieces by T.Takemitsu or T.Hosokawa.
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