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Pro Musica Nipponia is a group of leading composers and top-rank musicians devoted to performing a wide-ranging repertoire of classical and contemporary compositions from both Japan and the West. The groupfs outstanding feature is that all music is performed by traditional Japanese musical instruments. Pro Musica Nipponia (sometimes abbreviated to "Nipponia") was founded in 1964 with the intention of devising a vital form of expression based on ancient forms and instruments linked to traditional aesthetics, and yet simultaneously responsive to the spirit of the present.

In 1978 Nipponia was awarded the Ongaku-no-tomo-sya Prize and the Remy Martin Prize for musical excellency. MIKI Minorufs "Kyu-no-Kyoku" (Symphony for Two Worlds) was commissioned by the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra for its bicentennial celebration in 1981, and was first performed by the orchestra and Nipponia with professor Kurt Masur conducting.

The ensemblefs first overseas tour was to Europe in 1972. Subsequently it has performed throughout the world, including Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, Hong Kong, The Peoplefs of China, Taiwan and the USSR (now Russia).
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